About the Sarusar

Sarusar (sa-roo-sar) is an Ilocano word for storage place. It is a separate area in the Ilocano home where the daily as well as future provisions of a family are kept.



Here one can find various agricultural products such as rice, mongo, garlic, vinegar, molasses, tobacco and wine (basil). Ilocanos likewise use this place to store valuable items that bring back pleasant memories, the significance of which are handed down from the one generation to another.

It is in recognition of this Ilocano tradition that we have adopted the name SARUSAR for our center. Fort this, too, will be a repository of the valuable products, skills and expertise of the Ilocano for generation to come.

Museo Sarusar Shop a showcase of the finest products of Ilocos Norte.  At the same time making it a well known emporium of a wide selection of the most finely crafted works of art not available anywhere else.

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