General Description of the Museum

Gameng, after the Iloko word for treasure, symbolizes the wealth of Ilocos Norte. It showcases the varied ethnicity and multi-faceted cultural heritage of a sturdy, hard working people known for their industry, resourcefulness and loyalty.

The museum was primarily designed to instill a sense of pride for the roots of the young Ilocanos, Yapayaos, Itnegs and other citizens of the province. It aims to create, among both the young and old, a feeling of belonging for their ancient homeland.

By imbuing the Ilocanos and their provincemates with a more intimate knowledge of their ancestry and legacy, they will grow in a awareness and take pride in their local culture.

The symbol of the Museo, a many-rayed sun, is taken from one of the finials at the back of the 9th century church of San Nicolas (see left).


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