Museum Collection

The great majority of the items in the museum was collected in the field. There are artifacts from each of the province’s 22 towns and sole city (Laoag). Although the names and descriptions of the artifacts are presented in the manner in which they were obtained from local sources, they may not necessarily correspond with how the objects are called in other localities of the province. This is not unusual in a region where a variety of historical and geographical conditions have brought about a diversity of peoples with their own languages and customs. However, it should be noted that these distinctions have not necessarily impeded the intercourse of cultures through the centuries.

In the captions, the local name of the object is given first, followed by its equivalent in English and a few remarks, if any. The precise source of the object – from where and from whom obtained, is also indicated to the greatest extent possible. At the end of the caption is the museum accession number. For example, here is the caption for the object on this brochure’s cover:

*Galleries list here.

1.    The Land
2.    The Sea
3.    The Highland
4.    Farm
5.    Town
6.    Market
7.    Abel Iloco
8.    The Highland Cabinet
9.    Basket Gallery
10.    Ancestral House
11.    Dap-ayan
12.    Historical Glimpses of Ilocos Norte
13.    Sights of Ilocos Norte
14.    Musical Instruments
15.    The Pugon
16.    Teatro
17.    Tabacalera Hall (changing exhibits)

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