Gloria Aduana Cocson – Awardee 2008

Vibrant and full of enthusiasm, Gloria Aduana Cocson is a role model for every young woman possessing creative talent and an aptitude for business.

Gloria was born in a quiet but happy neighborhood of Barangay 10, Barani, Batac, Ilocos Norte on April 4, 1942, the third of the four children of Policarpio Aduana and Consuelo Cid. She attended her elementary in Batac Central School and high school at Batac Rural High School. As a young girl, she started helping her sister-in-law in making empanada from whom she quickly learned the art of empanada making. As she possessed a penchant for cooking, the empanadas she concocted had that secret special flavor that appealed to everyone’s taste.

Gloria married to Melanio Cocson at a young age 15. They had four girls and three boys but one boy died. Raising a family and running a business posed a hardship on her but as a lady of determination and knack for business,

she continued running her empanada business at the Batac Market with a team of hard working neighbors. “Glory’s Empanada” a meat pastry, served as a snack or a complete meal in itself, soon became well known and often times described as “out of this world.”

She started going from town to town in Ilocos Norte and even as far a Sinait, Ilocos Sur, renting space in fair grounds during fiestas and setting up her “Glory’s Empanada” stand. Soon people from out of town drove for miles to Batac just to have a taste of her empanada. In 2000, she was requested to showcase the art of empanada making in the Philippine International Center (PICC) by Congressman Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr., the Governor of Province of Ilocos Norte at that time. She also received a prestigious award of “Kalipi Award” in the festival held in Batac, June 23, 2008.

She dreamed of traveling and that dream to travel across the oceans became a reality. Among the countries she has visited are Hong Kong, Australia and London. All of these dreams were realized through hard work, determination strong ambition and God-given talent.

“Glory’s Empanada” is a success story inspiring young men and women to follow that dream through hard work, endurance and zest of life.




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