Fortunato Vilones Basa – Awardee 2007

Fortunato Vilones Basa whose parents, Basa Infiel and Giwalit Vilona Basa, migrated to Naguilian, Nueva Era then known as Gernaden, from Abra during the Spanish colonial period. Youngest of 12 children, Fortunato was born on February 10, 1925.

At an early age of 18, he was appointed Treasurer, Kagawad and Lupon of Brgy. Naguilian, during the leadership of then Mayor Acnam in Nueva Era. And at 19 he was married to Marqueza Vilisario of whom he had 12 children, 6 of whom passed away.

Tata Fortu, as he is fondly called, is now the oldest resident of Brgy. Naguilian and he hopes to pass on what he has proudly inherited from his Tinguian grandparents, which is to play the kalaleng, kitkitiw and culibao. Being a true Tinguian, Tata Fortu also knows how to play the gansa.



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