Castora Coloma Cudal – Awardee 2007

Castora Coloma was born on January 13, 1940 to Manuel Coloma and Benedicta Lumabao in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.

The Coloma’s main source of livelihood was pottery and farming.

On January 18, 1957 she was married to Guillermo Valdez Cudal. Her exposure to pottery at an early age gave her the opportunity to perfect her craft, which is why it was also through pottery that the couple was able to provide for the needs of their nine children.

It was in 1988 when Nana Castora was voted President of the Damilian Organization Movement, an organization of potters from San Nicolas. The organization’s mission was to imbibe the tradition of pottery, look after the welfare of the potters and for the development of products. Damilian Organization Movement was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with 70 members.

Also of the same year, the organization received a grant from the Small Medium Enterprise Development of USAid. Through the grant 20 members participated in a Local Study Mission to observe the methods and techniques and products in Taguig, Rizal. The dynamic leadership of Nana Castora ensured the continued support of the Department of Trade and Industry, the Municipal Government of San Nicolas, and the Provincial Government. The members were also able to avail of some financial assistance from the Congressional Spouses Fund for business development. The support from different sectors gave way for the organization to join trade fairs such as the one in Intramuros, Manila.

Mrs. Castora Cudal was President of the Damilian Organization Movement until 2004. Her perseverance and devotion to her craft provided inspiration for her fellow potters to continue the production of earthenware which has provided more opportunities for their families, is a confirmation of her successful leadership.



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