Museo Ilocos Norte

The Museo Ilocos Norte is a learning center of Ilocos Norte traditions. Within its spaces are many opportunities for inter-active and multi-disciplinary experiences. Its presentations are continually evolving, responding to new findings and revelations on the cultures of Ilocos Norte. In the Museum proper, artifacts illustrate how peoples such as the Ilocanos, Yapayaos, Isnegs and Igorots have wrested a living from the earth and waters of the province. Visitors are invited to tarry a while in the Ancestral House, and imagine the gracious living before the 1940s. A Hall for Changing Exhibits links the Museo not only with special aspects of living in Ilocos Norte, but also with development in the country and elsewhere. Venues for special events are the Entablado for small groups, and the Patio for outdoor gatherings. The search for knowledge continues in the Library, stocked with books and informational materials on the region. Souvenirs are available at the nearby Sarusar.

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