(December 26, 2012 to February 28, 2013)

Traditional Tingguian Dance of Nueva Era

tadekNueva Era is a quiet paradise sprawling at the foothills of the Cordilleras in the southwestern part of Ilocos Norte, richly favored by nature with rolling hills and picturesque mountains. Inhabited by Tingguians, Isnegs and Ilocanos, they lived in scattered settlements, later called rancherias by the Spaniards. There were eight rancherias – Bugayong, Cabittauran, Gamaden, Padpador, Padsan, Paor-Patoc, Tibangran and Uguis, each rancheria faithfully keeping its indigenous traditional beliefs and culture. In 1915, the Ilocos Norte Provincial Board decided to create a town out of these rancherias. The new community was named Nueva Era.

It is a traditional custom of the communities to celebrate every important event with songs and a special ceremonial dance called Tadek. Tadek is a unique traditional dance performed by men and women to express their jubilation over victory, courtship, marriage, thanksgiving and other important events. It is danced to the rhythmic beat of gongs and drums played by the community members in squatting position on the ground.

The Tadek was later recreated as a form of thanksgiving to their patron saint, Saint Gabriel. It became an annual celebration after the community was Christianized. It symbolizes harmony uniting the people as one.


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