Philippine Fiestas

(May 21, 2010 to August 21, 2010)

An exhibit of the colorful and vivid culture of the Filipino people

The Fiesta is part of Filipino culture. It is a lively and colorful testament to the Filipinos’ soul, his religiosity, creativity and spiritedness. Every month of May, considered as the merriest of months, most of the festivals and fiestas are held simultaneously in various parts of the country. For many Filipinos, May is the month of the sagala in colorful Sta. Cruzan and Flores de Mayo processions, it is the month where the good harvest is celebrated and prayed for and where summer is at its peak and people of all shapes and sizes, race and ethnicity trek to the provinces to partake of unique provincial festivities.

Each city and barrio has at least one local fiesa of its own, usually on the feast of its patron saint, so there is always of fiesta going on somewhere in the country. These colorful celebrations are the highlight of this photo exhibit by renowned photographer Donald Tapan and daughters Nikkorlai Tapan and Apple Tapan Serrano.

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