(September 01, 2001 to November 24, 2001)
Ay-ayam rte  – Traditional Toys in Ilocos Norte

Ay-áyam. – toy, game, plaything.
The magic in every toy can change a child’s world into a wonderland. You may have many store-bought toys but your favorite may have been the one your father, mother, uncle or aunt helped you make. “Ay-ayam”, as toys are called in Ilocos, are simple but are sources of endless fun with our family.
Childhood toys and games play a major part in our formative years. They instill the virtues of sharing, sportsmanship, competitiveness and endurance. They help develop our social skills, physical and mental stability, thus building our character to prepare us for the realities in life.
With computers and high-tech toys and games flooding the markets, our traditional toys are fast forgotten.
There is a need to revive the traditional toys and games to remind the youth of our heritage and to give them the opportunity to enjoy the “ay-ayam” of past generations.

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