Asin: Saltmaking in Pasuquin

(September 01, 2000 to October 20, 2000)
Can you imagine life without salt?

Think of the many ways we use salt. Besides seasoning food, salt has many other uses. It is used as a preservative for meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. It is used in making bagoong, a fish sauce, considered an Ilocano delicacy, used for flavoring vegetables and dressing for salads. Salt is also used as medicine. A good example is a solution of salt and lukewarm water – a common home remedy for sore throat.
Pasuquin by the sea is a scenic town that is famous for its salt. Saltbeds along the seashore have soil content of good sand and coral, making them ideal for salt making. Salt making has developed into a cottage industry providing a source of livelihood for many Pasuquiños.

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