Because the Padsan river joins the two halves of Sarrat, it helps keep the outlying farms irrigated and the municipality alive. Each season, truckloads of tomatoes from nearby towns and municipalities are transported to Sarrat and processed into catsup. Sarrat is also famous for its Sta. Monica Church. The longest church in the province known to have exceptionally large churches. Other awesome sights for visitors are the well-preserved ancestral houses located in the town proper which date back to the Spanish colonial period.

Year established: 1724
Land Area: 5,739 hectares
No. of Barangays: 24
Market days: Thursday & Sunday
Fiesta: May 3 to 5
Population: 23,810

Suggested Itinerary

  • Sarrat’s Catholic church, convento and bell tower began construction in 1669 and were completed in 1679. Rebuilt after a fire in 1817, the complex was again damaged by fire in 1882 but was rebuilt and finished by June 1896.
  • The church in Sarrat, at about 105 meters, is the longest in Ilocos Norte. It follows a simple rectangular plan, but the outstanding feature of the church is its system of roof trusses.
  • The former tribunal in Sarrat is a massive brick building with a staggering thirteen-bay length.
  • Sarrat’s ancestral houses is a must see for all visitors interested in architecture not only in Ilocos Norte but in the entire archipelago.
  • Toursits who just have to have a souvenir t-shirt from Sarrat will find fulfillment in the ground floor museum housed in Santa Monica Convent. The museum houses an interesting array of church vestments that show off the sartorial flair of the Spanish friars and the impressive artistry of the local artists who created them.

Images of Sarrat

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