Dumalneg’s terrain rolls as the land rises to meet the Cordillera mountains. This lush municipality is home to a predominantly Yapayao population. The people here take great pride in their culture so it is not surprising to meet locals wearing traditional clothing while walking around the municipality.

Year established: 1983
Land Area: 7,218 hectares
No. of Barangays: 1
Market days: Sunday
Fiesta: May 11 to 12
Population: 1,716


Suggested Itinerary

  • Dumalneg is proud of the Yapayao culture and makes an effort to promote this through the presentation of the tadek dance to visitors and in official festivities. The Magtatpap Festival, from the Yapayao word meaning meeting, was launched in Dumalneg in 1996.
  • Visitors to the town should check out for the beauty of the Isneg house, which lies in it is composition and in the use of materials indigenous to the area.
  • The Isneg of Dumalneg take pride in their culture so it is not surprising to meet people wearing traditional clothes while walking around the municipality.
  • Visitors who enjoy gardening will find it worthwhile to go walking around Dumalneg’s town proper. Though the traditional Ilocano garden is known more for its functional rather than its decorative purpose, Dumalneg gardens hold treasures that are sure to delight flower growers.

Images of Dumalneg

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