Bacarra is the third oldest town of Ilocos Norte. It sits by the river and the area where the main plaza is located is a peninsula of sorts which juts out into the riverbed.

Bacarra is one of those exceptional towns which has kept its layout unaltered and maintained most of its colonial buildings intact. It is an example of a small town which still preserves much of its built heritage. Its town plan is intact and the layering of the different stages of the development of its architecture still very evident.


Year established: 1590 as a town; 1778 as a municipality
Land area: 7,700 hectares
No. of Barangays: 43
Market days: Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
Fiesta: November 27 to 30
Population: 31,485


Suggested Itinerary

  • Bacarra is the third oldest town of Ilocos Norte, founded as a mission by the Augustinian in 1590.
  • Bacarra has managed to keep its town-layout unaltered. It has also maintained most of its colonial buildings. The architectural treasures of Bacarra include the church complex with an “acrobatic belltower,” the municipio with its odd facade, the old Spanish school building, and a Gabaldon-type schoolhouse.
  • Any visitor to Bacarra should be on the lookout for the numerous colonial houses scattered all over the town.


Images of Bacarra

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