2017, June 3

Marcos mayor Arsenio Agustin was inspecting the on-going construction of a small water impounding dam at Sitio Cabua-an, Brgy. Mabuti here on the morning he was shot by a still unidentified gunman. found Mr. Agustin, 61 and RusmarValencia, 35, a backhoe driver lying on the ground and soaked with blood at about 11:40 am. Two laborers at the construction site identified as Camilo Alagao, 60, and Nolan Valencia, 18, were also both shot in the leg. Police theorized the gunman positioned himself at a hilly portion of the dam and fired upon the Mr. Agustin’s group. The police added that the group immediately tried run to Mr. Agustin’s bullet-proof vehicle for cover but the mayor and the backhoe driver were already shot by then.

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