2017, July 23

Men “riding in tandem” shot dead a drug personality in Badoc. The victim has surrendered to the police during the ongoing “drug war” of the Duterte administration. Police Chief Insp. Dexter Diovic Corpuz, Provincial Public Information Officer of the Ilocos Norte Police Provincial Office identified the victim as Arnold Quibuyen, 56; resident of Brgy. Mabusag Norte in Badoc, Ilocos Norte. He was under the Philippine National Police and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s “watch list” and had surrendered through “Oplan Tokhang”. Police report said that at about 4:30 pm, Mr. Quibuyen was onboard a tricycle and seated behind the driver Roel Pagatpatan, 33, of the same village, heading north when motorcycle riding men shot the victim from behind several times.

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