2017, June 5

Welcoming over 87,000 learners in Ilocos Norte public schools, the Department of Education (DepEd) here made sure everything is in place. Except for some minor repair of school facilities and overcrowding in some urban areas, the Ilocos Norte schools division led by the newly installed superintendent Vilma Eda reported the June 5 opening of classes is generally “smooth and peaceful”. As early as 7 am on Monday morning, teachers and students trooped to the different public schools in the 22 towns and two cities of Ilocos Norte while the police increased police visibility in front of schools and managed traffic problems. Based on the Enhanced Basic Education Information System, Ilocos Norte’s division office expects to welcome 54,869 elementary learners, 24,028 junior high school and 4,300 Grade 11 and 11,249 Grade 12 students, respectively. At least 179 new items for senior high school teachers were also created for Ilocos Norte. According to Ms. Eda, almost all public schools in the province maintain a manageable classroom-student and teacher-pupil ratio over the years.

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