Ilocos Norte – A Travel Guide Book

(November 12, 2003)

Ilocos Norte. This is our home. The land of our forefathers. We are a province that has survived the harsh conditions of the land, that has conquered political and social unrest, and that has always risen above all adversity. A province that has produced a hardy and industrious people. A province imbibed of a rich cultural heritage as well as a glorious history. A province manifesting a beauty of its own, with sights and scenes uniquely Ilocano.

We in the north have always regarded Ilocos Norte as one of the best kept secrets in the Philippines. In the past, little known and little visited even by Filipinos, the secret remained with those willing to make the often arduous trip to the end of Luzon.

Times have certainly changed. And with this wonderful book, the secret of Ilocos Norte is well and truly out. Through images as well as text, this book is a celebration of our land, our culture, our history and our people. Discover our roots. Get a taste of the simplicity and charm of Ilocos life. Explore places you could never have imagined you would find right here.

Welcome this voyage of discovery. Welcome to Ilocos Norte!


Ferdinand R. Marcos


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