Floating Warps and Guiding Heddles

(May 2, 2012 to June 3, 2012)

Located in the Ferris Gallery (Medieval and Renaissance) Curated by Stanton Thomas, Curator of European and Decorative Art Sponsored by the Memphis in May International Festival

Remarkable for their rich coloring and bold designs, hand-woven textiles are an important part of the long, varied cultural heritage of The Philippines, Memphis in May’s honored country for 2012. This exhibition includes beautiful examples of historic cloth from Ilocos Norte, a province located in the northwest part of Luzon Island. Weavers in this area have long been famous for their fine cotton textiles, particularly their damasks made with the floating warp technique or those woven with multiple heddles — the needle-like elements of looms which lift and separate the thread. The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see these rare and fragile weavings outside The Philippine.

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