2016, August

The new Batac mayor began his term by focusing more on giving the business sector all the support they need to succeed. Batac mayor Albert D. Chua stressed that Batac is open for investments from big business establishments and that he would do everything to help them facilitate the government process needed for them to open. IN a bid to further strengthen the agricultural sector, here, Mr. Chua led the distribution of 10 hand tractors with trailers and 24 water pumps to the different farmers’ groups here. Mr. Chua vowed to distribute more farm machineries before 2016 ends. As such, he said he sees no problem for any potential business investor here. He only asked them to follow the requirements, the city’s rules and regulations, and the zoning ordinance. He added that commercial, manufacturing, factory, retailing, wholesaling and distributorship businesses are welcome.

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