2013, June

PNP files multiple charges against 4 Chinese Nationals

Following the arrest of four Chinese nationals found with illegal firearms and explosives in a nearby Pasuquin town, members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) filed multiple charges against them on Wednesday night, May 29. Led by P/Sr. Insp. Joseph Baltazar, Pasuquin chief of police, the suspects identified as Dennis Co, Dang Hoi Yin, Lui Xin and Lei Guang Feng are facing charges before the Ilocos Norte Provincial Prosecutors Office at the Marcos Hall of Justice for illegal possession of firearms and explosives including violations of the election gun ban.

Under RA 9516, any person, companies or corporations found possessing or manufacturing illegal/unlawful explosives, dealing in, acquisition or disposition of firearms, ammunition or explosives or instruments used in the manufacture of firearms are subject to stiffer penalties without bail.

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