1815, March 3

Once more, unfair practices of the principales (landed class) of Sarrat cause the cailianes (commoners) to revolt. Houses around the plaza, as well as the tribunal of Sarrat are burned; many principales are killed in their own houses. Doña Rosa Agcaoili, the hated dispensera of the parish priest, Fray Jose Nieto, is dismembered, and parts of her body are nailed on the church door. The rebels raid the convento and drink all the wine. Trouble also erupts in San Nicolas and Piddig. Eventually more houses and even the church of Sarrat are burned; the town transfers to a new site, not far from the ruins [de los Reyes]

The story recalls the oral tradition of Nagrebcan (‘place of destruction’), San Nicolas. Could the ruins in this barangay, just across the river from Sarrat, have any bearing on this uprising? [Aurelio]


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