Jesuit chronicler Colin writes about the Abel Iloco, a type of thick cotton cloth used for galleon sails and everyday wear [de los Reyes]


Paoay is founded, according to oral tradition in a site called Bombay near Callaguip, two kilometers west of the present poblacion [Cadiz, Galende]; the mission is closed, and revived only in 1689.


First mention of Royal Encomiendas in the province: that of Dingras, administered by Maria Bermudez, and that of Bacarra under Capitan Castillo Hermoso (Aurelio)


Bacarra founded by Augustinians, with its visitas Vintar, Pasuquin, Bangisan(Bangui?), Bangbanglo, Bangbang, Adan, and Vera [Cadiz, Galende, Keesing, de los Reyes]