Telegraph lines are laid in Bacarra, Pasuquin, Dirique, and Cape Bojeador [de los Reyes]        By 1799 According to a document, marriageable ages for girls are 12 to 16 years, and for boys, 14 to 18 years [de los Reyes]  


Revolt breaks out in Laoag against tobacco monopoly abuses. More than 1,000 rebels are pacified through the intervention of the parish priest of Batac, Fray Pedro Blaquier (later bishop of Nueva Segobia) [Keesing, de los Reyes] Solsona is organized as a barangay with Nicolas Joban as first cabeza de barangay [Aurelio]


The Real Compañía de Filipinas introduces thousands of looms along the Galician model, which is larger than the local one [de los Reyes]