2013, July 25

‘Manang Imee’s Capitol Express’ kicks off

More accessible prov’l gov’t services for Ilocanos

AN INITIATIVE to make the services of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) more accessible was launched on July 25, almost a month after Governor Maria Imelda “Imee” R. Marcos renewed her oath of office for a second term.

“Manang Imee’s Capitol Express”, the name aptly given to denote advancement is a program where existing and future frontline projects and programs of PGIN are strengthened and delivered up to the grassroots level.

“It is drafted out of Governor Imee’s commitment to “bring PGIN and its basic services closer to the people for inclusive and sustainable growth of the province”, said Edwin Cariño, head of Millennium Development Goals Office along with Eric Pascua of the Provincial Public Employment Service Office in an interview.

“If they can’t come to the Capitol, the Capitol will come to them,” Pascua added, positing

that there are still many Ilocanos who are not aware and cannot avail of the services offered by the PGIN due to issues on accessibility.

According to Cariño, services covered by the ‘express’ are subdivided into three: ‘Jobs

and Livelihood’, ‘Tulong’ which caters to education, health, death and burial, barangay requests, legal consultation, social counseling, services for senior citizens and handicapped, and ‘Documentation’ which includes the assistance on land titling, and other kinds of application for certification.

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