2013, July 18

Dwarf sperm whale beached in Pasuquin

PASUQUIN, Ilocos Norte—A 10-foot long dwarf sperm whale was found dead in the coastal village of Susugaen, Pasuquin town at about 6 am on July 18.

Fifty four year-old Richard Follante said he was switching off the lights of cottages nearby when he saw a large dark object beached along the shoreline. At first, he thought it was a bulk of tree but when he walked closer, he saw the lifeless body of a sperm whale being swayed by small waves.

Fishery regulatory coordinator Arthur Valente of the Provincial Agriculture Office said this is now the fourth of its kind that was found and reported dead since January, making Ilocos Norte a hot spot for marine mammal stranding.

The female dwarf sperm whale weighing more than 250 kilograms was decomposing when found, said Valente.

At least five wounds were identified near the whale’s right ventral side and left dorsal including several scratches all over the body.

Following an initial examination, the whale was brought to a higher ground for necropsy before this will be buried. Samples will be taken also for further laboratory examination to determine cause of death.

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