2012, December

DOJ implicates former Dingras Mayor in Ruiz slay

The Department of Justice has reversed an earlier decision of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Ilocos Norte dismissing the murder complaint against former Dingras Mayor Marynette Gamboa and a certain Jonathan Bagamaspad for the September 4, 2009 killing of former Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative board president Lorenzo Rey Ruiz.

In a resolution promulgated on November 20, 2012 and signed by Justice Usec. Jose Vicente B. Salazar, it stated “…The issue therefore, which must be settled is whether the respondent-appellees Gamboa and Bagamaspad should be implicated in the Killing of Eng. Ruiz, when taken together, are sufficient to implicate respondents- appellees. We note that it was respondent-appellee Gamboa who had the motive to kill the victim Engr. Ruiz because of their political dispute.”

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