1925, May 15

First performance of Daguiti Agpaspasucmon Basi (The Basi Peddlers) by Pascual Agcaoili y Guerrero, in Piddig. (Pascual G. Agcaoili (b. 1880 in Piddig, d. 1958) is one of the most popular Ilocano zarzuela librettists. He belonged to the so-called ‘first generation’ of Ilocano playwrights; others from Ilocos Norte were Januario Purugganan of Dingras, Claro Caluya of Piddig and Laoag, Agripino Santos of Laoag, Jose Garvida Flores of Bangui, and Soledad Franco of Batac. Music for plays and zarzuelas was composed by Agcaoili and Caluya of Piddig, Emilio Morales and Nemesio de Pedro of Laoag, and Pedro Aurelio of San Nicolas.) [Rosal]

Pentecost Church is founded in San Nicolas by an American missionary, Joseph Warnick. [Cadiz]

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