1899, December 13

A guerilla force led by Capt. Francisco Celedonio raids an American detachment in Tumetedted, Badoc; Celedonio continues guerilla harassment from his lair in Uguis, Nueva Era. Major Edgar Steever and his cavalry, in hot pursuit of Celedonio, burns whatever he believes are barracks in the area. (Celedonio was a Tagalog, as in fact were the five other commanders of the six companies assigned in Ilocos Norte.) [Ochosa]

Fr. Gregorio Aglipay leads the people of Batac in guerrilla warfare against the Americans. Some battles take place in barangays Barbarangay, Pusuac, Cabaroan, Santa Rosa, Tipcal, Iguid, and Ambango.

As the Tagalog leaders disappear, flee or surrender, the void is filled by Fr. Aglipay who rallies the people under the flag of the Church.[Cadiz, Ochosa]

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