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2017, February 25

Hundreds of local supporters, composed mostly of student volunteers and government officials gathered, lit up candles and prayed for the nation and its President Rodrigo R. Duterte that he may continue to implement change and lead the country for the better.  After a short program and lighting of candles, the crowd of supporters uttered some

Dedication of the Museo Ilocos Norte

Erected in 1878 and known as the Tabacalera Building, this edifice was originally designed as the Administrative Center of the Tobacco Monopoly in Ilocos Norte during the reign of Spain over the Philippine Islands.   In early 1999, the Provincial Government launched a major rehabilitation and restoration program for the building to reactivate and operationalize

Museo Ilocos Norte

The Museo Ilocos Norte is a learning center of Ilocos Norte traditions. Within its spaces are many opportunities for inter-active and multi-disciplinary experiences. Its presentations are continually evolving, responding to new findings and revelations on the cultures of Ilocos Norte. In the Museum proper, artifacts illustrate how peoples such as the Ilocanos, Yapayaos, Isnegs and