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The number of households per town is listed by the Augustinian historians Bravo and Buzeta: 4,000     Laoag 3,000     Paoay 2,542     Batac 2,000     Bacarra 1,924     Dingras 1,900     Piddig 1,753     San Nicolas 1,195     Badoc 900     San Miguel de Sarrat 603     Pasuquin 475    Bangui 132     Nagpartian (no

1843, June

In a pastoral letter by Bishop Rafael Masoliver, priests are asked to take special care in the celebration of marriages, taking into account the increased emigration of Ilocanos into other provinces. Curates should ask, if necessary, information from the home parish to avoid bigamies [Scharpf]


According to Fray Francisco Villacorta’s Administración espiritual,… the following are the products of Badoc: lime from both stone and shells; sugar; and various types of cloth including terlinga, cordoncillo, sinagudan (fine cotton cloth), tablecloth, ships’ sails, and pillowcases [Villacorta]


Fray José Nieto sends a comprehensive report to Governor General Pascual Enrile on Ilocos Norte, including several watercolor sketches on the weaving industry. The report is now in the Museo Naval, Madrid [Hernandez]