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Currimao becomes an intermediate port upon the inauguration of the trade link between Manila and Aparri operated by the Compañía General de Tabacos de Filipinas [Millan]

1860, May 8

Birth of Gregorio Aglipay y Labayan, revolutionary general and first Supreme Bishop of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, in Batac; the second of two children of Pedro Aglipay and Victoriana Labayan (he died 1 September 1940) [Iglesia Filipina Independiente, NHI] Casa Asilo de Santa Isabel, an orphanage, is established near the cemetery of Laoag, by the

1860, April 5

Bishop-elect Franciso Miro describes the parishes in Ilocos Norte in a visitation report of the Diocese of Nueva Segovia. The churches of Dingras, Paoay and Badoc are roofless due to fires some years earlier. Nagpartian (present-day Burgos) an old town though still a visita of Bangui, has a church of stone walls; however it is

1857, October 24

Birth of Juan Luna, renowned Filipino painter, in Badoc. (His Spoliarium won one of the gold medals at an international painting exposition in Madrid; he died 7 December 1899) [NHI]


Flood destroys Santiago, now a barrio of Solsona. Survivors resettle in Rancheria Cabanuagan, the present site of Solsona poblacion [Cadiz, Laureta]


The number of households per town is listed by the Augustinian historians Bravo and Buzeta: 4,000     Laoag 3,000     Paoay 2,542     Batac 2,000     Bacarra 1,924     Dingras 1,900     Piddig 1,753     San Nicolas 1,195     Badoc 900     San Miguel de Sarrat 603     Pasuquin 475    Bangui 132     Nagpartian (no