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Nueva Era is created as a municipality from the mostly Itneg rancherias of Cabittauran, Garnaden, Paor, Padsan, Pagpagong, Pagayong, Patoc, Tibangran and Uguis. Cal-libang is appointed first president of the municipality by the provincial governor. [Cadiz]

1914, July 4

Gilbert Bridge, begun in 1912, is inaugurated over the Laoag River, connecting San Nicolas to Laoag; it is named after Vice Governor Newton W. Gilbert who obtained funding for the bridge. (All concrete was mixed and placed by hand, the work being done largely by women; they also handled all the sand and gravel.) [Henry]


Dingras church is destroyed by earthquake and fire. [NHI] In the poblacion of Solsona, floodwaters from the Tina River damage a stonewall built after the disastrous flood the previous year. The Bisbislak Creek appears after the flood, a tributary of the Tina River. [Laureta]


Nagpartian is separated from Bangui, and re-established as a town. It is renamed Burgos by virtue of an act passed by the Philippine Legislature through the efforts of Hon. Santiago Fonacier, then representative of the first district of Ilocos Norte. [Cadiz] Banna is separated from Batac and  re-established as a town through the efforts of


Solsona is separated from Dingras and re-established as a municipality. [Cadiz] Chapel of United Church of Christ in the Philippines is established in barangay Callaguip, Batac. [Cadiz]

1910, February 2

Fr. Mariano Edralin, Catholic curate of Sarrat, is killed in his convento. (The day before, a court hearing in Laoag had returned his church building back to the Catholics.) [Scharpf]


San Nicolas is separated from Laoag, and re-established as municipality. [Cadiz] Vintar is separated from Bacarra, and re-established as a municipality, through the efforts of Florentino Camaquin and Manuel Agcaoili, president and vice-president respectively of Bacarra-Vintar. [Cadiz]