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Paoay is founded, according to oral tradition in a site called Bombay near Callaguip, two kilometers west of the present poblacion [Cadiz, Galende]; the mission is closed, and revived only in 1689.


First mention of Royal Encomiendas in the province: that of Dingras, administered by Maria Bermudez, and that of Bacarra under Capitan Castillo Hermoso (Aurelio)


Bacarra founded by Augustinians, with its visitas Vintar, Pasuquin, Bangisan(Bangui?), Bangbanglo, Bangbang, Adan, and Vera [Cadiz, Galende, Keesing, de los Reyes]


First recorded Ilocano rebellion takes place in Dingras and Batac, whose inhabitants revolted against land administrators for charging high tributes; Igorots flee from settling in Dingras. The revolt is pacified within the year [Apilado, Ochosa]

1586, Jan 5

Augustinians take charge of Ylagua or Laoag with its visitas of San Nicolas, San Juan de Sahagun, and Sarrat; first minister, the Augustinian Fr. Agustin Miño. The first site is believed to have been on what is now Ermita Hill, along the north bank of the Padsan or Laoag River. The Augustinians also established Batac


Settlements controlled by the Spaniards appear in Loarca’s survey: Valley of Vavo (now Badoc), pop. 1,000 Cacaguayan (Batac), pop. about 4,000  Ylagua(Laoag), pop.about 5,000 Valley of Dynglas (Dingras),pop. about 2,000 Valley of Vicagua (Bacarra-Vintar area), along the coast, pop.2,000 [Keesing]