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The Augustinian Chapter separates Bangui, Bamban (now Taguipuro in Bangui?), Bangbanglo, and Adan from Bacarra, to be administered under the parish priest, Fray Domingo Sotelo; San Nicolas is likewise separated from Laoag, with Fr Pedro de Carreaga as parish priest); and Paoay is separated from Batac, with its first parish priest Fr Lucas Sanchez [de


Fray Benito de Mena Salazar of  Vigan starts  evangelization among the Apayaos of Adan and Vera, with a base in Bangui. The rancherias of Adan, Vera and Bangbanglo (now Burgos) are made into pueblos. Fr Mena serves in a church he builds in Adan (possibly the site of the present Adams). Fray Mena is transferred


Malong Revolt reaches Ilocos from Pangasinan. Pedro Almazan, principal of San Nicolas, has himself crowned King of Ilocos with a crown stolen from the image of Our Lady in Laoag. Together with Juan Magsanop, principal of Bangui, Gaspar Cristobal, gobernardorcillo of Laoag, and the calanasanes of Apayao, Almazan collaborates with Andres Malong. Amid cries for


Jesuit chronicler Colin writes about the Abel Iloco, a type of thick cotton cloth used for galleon sails and everyday wear [de los Reyes]