Nagpartian is separated from Bangui, and re-established as a town. It is renamed Burgos by virtue of an act passed by the Philippine Legislature through the efforts of Hon. Santiago Fonacier, then representative of the first district of Ilocos Norte. [Cadiz]

Banna is separated from Batac and  re-established as a town through the efforts of Hon. Santiago Espiritu. [Cadiz]

Carasi is separated from Piddig, upon the petition of the Apayaos through the leadership of Juan Milad. Carasi is made a municipal district, with Barbaquezo (formerly Parparia) as its poblacion. Two other barangays are Birbira and Angset. [Cadiz, Gaspar]

An account on Piddig mentions the manufacture of small clay pipes for cigar and cigarette holders. The sinisirilo resembles the face of a man; the siquemquem, the human hand. [Scheans]

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