June Prisoners escape from Vigan and hide in Piddig. Failing to take Sarrat, they take the drums (tambores) from the outposts and bring them into the forest. Troops sent from Vigan to Laoag bring temporary peace. However rebellious meetings continue in Piddig and its visita Santiago. Discontent is traced to abuse of power by the principales over the cailianes (ordinary citizens)

Sept. 16 – Revolt breaks out anew, now with Laoag and Batak joining in. Government forces from Paoay turn back. As the parish priest of Batac exhorts his parishioners to remain loyal to Spain, one woman stands up to protest, at the same time urging her townmates not to believe the friar who is a Spaniard in the first place [Pilar, de los Reyes]

Sept. 28 – Rebels reach San Ildefonso, on the outskirts of Vigan. A battle with loyalists turns the Bantaoay River red with blood. The rebels are pushed back and their leaders punished. (The revolt is eventually called the Ambaristo Revolt, after one of its leaders; however the real commandant was Pedro Mateo. It is also known as the Basi Revolt. Sarrat, Laoag, Batak and Paoay joined the revolt) [Pilar, de los Reyes]

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